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Founded in 1994, Air Connections is a relatively young enterprise. But don't be misled by appearances. For apart from being highly innovative, our people also have years of experience in the field of flexible ducts for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. And now as part of Enschede-based Dutch Environment Corporation B.V., one of the largest manufacturers of flexible ducts in the world, we certainly have all the right connections both locally and internationally. Our customers are therefore guaranteed the best possible advice backed up by a complete range of products, which we deliver from our own production/warehouse facilities in Enschede and Oldenzaal, the Netherlands.

Why choose Air Connections

Thanks to our combination of local dealers and an international network, costs are kept low - to the benefit of our customers. Moreover, our clear organisation and short lines of communication allow us to outpace the competition for an excellent track record in on-time delivery. At the end of the day, we provide our customers from architects to installation specialists - with the best possible access to the flexible ducts market.

We simply have all the right connections.

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Mrs. Marina Marechale

+33 671 3550 26
Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slowakia, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Mr. Dennis Begeman

+31 6 511 051 06
The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Ireland

Mr. Perry Begeman

+31 6 515 095 80

Mr. Uwe Kröger

+49 17 220 213 86
Germany (Plz. 01-52, 57-59 und 98-99)

Mr. Juan Luna

+31 6 254 773 11
Germany (Plz. 53-56 und 60-97), Switzerland

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Air Connections

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+31 541 530 771
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